Setting up a New Spa Pump

I have heard that the market average for spa pump motor is about 8 years. When the motor goes, you have a choice– replace simply the motor, or buy the entire pump.

The exact same with the wet end, or the opposite end of the pump, you might just replace a new damp end onto the existing motor. We have a large stock of parts for spa pumps, to repair almost any pump problem.
… if you ‘d rather not get your hands filthy, and choose to just replace the entire pump– motor and wet end, then this post is for you. Here’s ways to change a typical spa pump, wired into a spa pack.

1. Inspect the Frame, Horsepower, Voltage & Speed
You don’t desire to set up the wrong pump, so go out your reading glasses and a flashlight, and check the label on the pump motor. Try to find FR which suggests frame type (48 or 56), HP for horsepower( 1– 5), Voltage (115 or 230) and Speed (single or double). Replace your existing pump with the exact same size and type spa pump.
Likewise focus on how the pump discharge is oriented, is it on the side, or on the leading center? These are two various wet ends. The side discharge spa pump can be turned to various places by loosening the volute screws, but the center discharge is leading dead center– 12:00.
If you have concerns on selecting the proper spa pump, please call or email us!
2. Turn off the Power
Do not take opportunities, find the right circuit breaker that feeds the spa and shut it off. Use a piece of tape over the breaker so that no one accidentally turns it back on. After shutting down the breaker, test to be sure that power is off, then you can continue to disassemble and get rid of the existing pump.
3. Disconnect Old Spa Pump
Start with getting rid of the bare copper bonding wire that is connected to the pump. Now, assuming that the spa is drained pipes, or you have valves closed to prevent the water from running out, gradually loosen the union nuts on the inbound and outbound water connections of the spa pump. 1-10 gallons of water will drain out, so be prepared if your spa is situated inside your home.
If your spa pump is bolted to the flooring, use a wrench or socket to eliminate the bolts on the motor footpad.
When you can move the pump, position it to offer you simple access to the wires coming into the back of the motor. Open up the cover plate and you will discover 3-wires for a single speed pump, and 4-wires for a two-speed spa pump. With a screwdriver, nut driver or needle nose, you can eliminate the wires from their terminal screws, and after loosening the cable clamp on the motor, carefully pull the wire cable out of the existing motor.

For a two-speed motor, note or label the high speed and low speed wires, to wire properly to the new motor. Get out your glasses and flashlight again, you’ll discover the terminal screws are labeled in extremely tiny print.
4. Connect New hot tub Pump
You’ll discover it simpler to wire the motor prior to you move the pump beneath the spa. If the wires are not an actual spa pump cable, the colors might be various.
Remove the pump cable clamp from the old motor and screw it into the wire gain access to port of the brand-new motor. Place the pump cable through the clamp, and connect the wires to the terminals. You can either wrap the bare wire around the post, underneath the screw or nut, or use spade adapters crimped onto the end of the wire. Ensure that your connections are tight, and no wires are touching each other.
Tighten up the pump cable clamp where the wires enter the back of the motor, and replace the motor end cap or cover.
Next, you can thread on the union nuts to the brand-new spa pump, making sure that the o-ring is still intact, and has actually not fallen out. Utilizing a rubber pad beneath the pump can assist minimize it even further.
Reconnect the bare copper bonding wire to the bonding lug on your new spa pump.
5. Testing a New Spa Pump
As soon as the plumbing on the pump is tightened up, you can begin to fill the spa. As soon as you have the spa about half full, open the valves and loosen up the inbound spa union to enable any air lock to escape, and tighten up strongly when water begins to leak. Continue to fill the spa full, while trying to find any leakages around the new spa pump.
When the spa is complete, switch on the breaker to test your spa pump, running through it’s rates. Make sure that your heater kicks on which whatever looks and sounds proper.
A fairly simple procedure, however if you need any support in changing spa and hot tub pumps, we have spa techs waiting waiting for your call or e-mail!

When you’re ready for a new cover, visit While spa manufacturers have been working on designing and building swim spas, have been building the perfect swim spa covers.

No matter which company you purchase you swim spa from they will offer a traditional rigid foam filled spa cover. And just like every other foam filled cover ever made, those panels will eventually begin to saturate with moisture from the steam coming off the spa water, until they are too heavy to lift. 

Bar lifters won’t help once the cover becomes too heavy either because you will still have to flop it over the bar while trying not to strain yourself. Then push it off the end of the spa. When the cover is heavy it will either rip itself apart (because the seam of the cover is not built to handle the added weight) or worse it will rip the bar lifter off the sides of your spa potentially causing damage to the spa cabinet.

The SpaCap Swim Spa Covers by contrast, don’t employ foam so there is nothing to soak up the moisture. They are built to stay lightweight and easy to use. Visit and order one for your swim spa today.

Installing Your very own Spa

The best ways to set up a hot tub in your backyard

You don’t have to invest much time luxuriating in a hot-tub spa to discover its relaxation advantages. And while you ‘d anticipate all that warm swirling water to be relaxing, it can likewise work wonders on aching muscles and joints and it’s a great well-rounded tension reliever. Backyard health spas are perfect for families on the go. They can slow us down, assist us refocus and drain away the stress of the day – all in about 20 minutes.
Spas are not for everyone, nevertheless. All those warm, rubbing bubbles can raise high blood pressure and heart rates, while decreasing blood glucose. As such, they’re not suggested for infants, the older or those with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problem.
Choosing Your hot tub
Searching for hot tubs can be a little complicated. There are so many brand names and models, and every sales representative seems to highlight a various set of features. As normal, price is a good indication of quality. Hot Tubs range between $1500 and $10,000, with the better models starting around $3500. These are 3- and four-person tubs. Larger day spas cost more, and those with lots of specialized jets, DC-powered pumps and ozone-generating water cleansers, can soon reach $6000 to $8000. Include devices and you can easily pay a couple thousand more.
A few business offer two-person hot tubs, but most begin with three- or four-person seating and go up to the eight-person size. A full-size tub can measure 8 x 8 ft. and 42 in. Huge tubs are great for big, active homes with plenty of area, however smaller tubs are no less enticing or therapeutic.
Filled with water, a full-size tub can weigh 5500 pounds – more than most traditionally framed floorings and decks can safely manage. If you cannot beef up the flooring, you’ll either need a smaller tub or a setup on concrete.
The majority of spa shells these days are made in 2 layers: a strengthened fiberglass base and a formed acrylic shell laminated over it. The shell is piped and fitted with pumps and jets, and is insulated.
Many spas are wired with 240-volt electrical equipment and some consist of DC converters. DC motors run more silently and DC circuit boards are really reputable. A couple of economy tubs are readily available with 120-volt circuitry to make the electrical connections easier – you simply plug these designs in. These tubs are little, their heating units are less effective and they shut down when the jets are turned on.
Companies usually offer 10- to 20-year guarantees versus leakages through the shell, however these kinds of leaks are unlikely offered the density of the laminations. More likely are surface issues such as blisters, fractures and discoloration. Look for a 5- to seven-year surface service warranty and three- to five-year security on the pumps.
The spa we chose is a Jacuzzi Triton – a big model with all the bells and whistles. Other functions consist of a remote control for the tub operation, an AM/FM/CD gamer, underwater lighting, 4 headrest cushions and double waterfall fixtures. At 42 x 91 x 91 in., it’s not the biggest tub, however it comes close.
Locating The Tub
Our backyard is small, extending only about 20 ft. beyond a big deck. The grade likewise steps up about 2-1/2 ft., approximately 10 ft. far from the deck. To fit the tub, we removed a few of the bank and constructed a small maintaining wall. When choosing where to position your unit, remember that spas require service gain access to on all sides.
We planned for one side of our tub to be 18 in. To accommodate the depth of the retaining-wall blocks, plus a foot for drainage gravel, we cut into the bank an additional 24 in.
To construct the retaining wall, very first dig out the bank. Utilizing some of the gotten rid of soil, grade the installation area simply enough to allow drain far from the tub. For the very first row of landscape blocks, excavate a trench about 4 in. deep and fill it with pea gravel or gravel.
Level the gravel and compact it with a hand tamper or gas-powered sand-plate tamper. String a level line to guide the first row of blocks. Utilize a 4-ft. level to make sure the course is level.
Set landscape blocks on pea gravel in the trench to match the leveled string. Examine this very first course with a 4-ft. level.
With the first course in location, set the staying blocks. The kind of block we utilized has a lip along the back edge that locks over the block listed below. When turning a corner, you’ll have to break off this edge to keep the very same setback in between the courses. To keep these blocks from sliding forward with time, glue them in place with masonry building adhesive. When you end up the wall, back-fill with gravel. Cover the top of the gravel with weed-guard fabric and soil.
Where the wall turns, break off edge-lock tabs on the blocks. Next, use building adhesive to hold the blocks in place.
Next, set the form lumber for the concrete pad, and level it in all instructions. Fill the form with concrete and screed it with a straight 2 x 4.
While a sufficient pad may include 2500-psi concrete, beefed up with iron rebar or wire mesh, local electrical codes would have required us to ground this reinforcing metal back to the electrical circuit box. To prevent this issue, we upgraded to 3000-psi concrete and added fiberglass support to our 4-in.- thick pad.
After pouring concrete in a leveled type, screed it with a straight 2 x 4. Float and trowel the surface smooth.

We moved our tub from the driveway to the website on a small trailer. Carefully move the tub off and position it on the piece.
Setting The Tub
If you buy your hot tub from a spa dealership, the company will typically set it in location for you. If you buy through a home center or warehouse store, however, you might have to move and set up the tub yourself. Big tubs weigh near a thousand pounds, so this can seem an overwhelming job. With 5 or six friends and a small trailer, however, it all ends up being workable. Presuming your tub is in a cage in the driveway, get rid of the packaging and move the tub onto the trailer. Wheel it to the site and thoroughly move it onto the concrete pad. If you have to go through a gate or narrow side backyard, stand the tub on end atop a furniture cart. The ideal side of our tub, as you face the front, is built for upright travel.
Electrical Work
Water and electrical power don’t mix, so if you’re not comfy with your wiring abilities, this is a great time to work with an electrician.
In our case, local codes required a constant bond wire from the tub to the service panel. This is in addition to the electrical ground. Codes differ on this point, so make sure to ask your regional inspector. We likewise needed a detach box at least 5 ft. from the tub and a GFCI breaker securing the entire circuit.
Due to the fact that of the DC converter, we used only two hot wires, a grounding wire and a bonding wire – no neutral was required. Our spa was close to 70 ft. from the circuit box, so we ran 6-ga. stranded wire for the two hots and the ground wire, and an 8-ga. bond wire. While all outdoor circuitry has to be in avenue, we decided to set up the whole run from the primary panel in 1-in. PVC pipeline.
Begin by running the channel from the circuit box to a house rim joist near the tub. Bore through the siding and the joist with a hole saw and feed the channel through the joist.
Bring power from the primary panel to the exterior through your home’s rim joist. Bore a hole to slide avenue through.
Glue a POUND avenue box to the conduit and extend the channel as much as a disconnect box. Dig a channel a minimum of 18 in. deep for the buried avenue from the tub. At the tub, sign up with a LB to the channel with a slip coupling to allow the ground to shift seasonally without stressing the conduit connections. We brought the avenue underground to our deck. Here, we brought it up to the deck with another slip coupling and LB, and then ran it to the detach box.
At the tub, splice a slip coupling simply below the POUND connection. Run the avenue in a trench a minimum of 18 in. deep
With the conduit in place, pull the four wires from the main panel to the detach box with a fish tape.
With avenue from the panel and tub conference at the detach box, use a fish tape to pull the four wires through.
Bind the hot wires to the hot terminals and the ground wires to the ground terminals. In our case, it was required that the bonding wire continue undisturbed through the detach panel.
Inside the detach box, connect the hot wires to the 4 hot terminals, and the ground wires to the 2 ground terminals.
Finish the outdoor wiring by making the hot, ground and bond connections in the spa’s devices box. You’ll discover the terminals clearly labeled.
At the tub’s control box, secure the hot wires, the ground wire and the bonding wire according to maker’s directions.
Lastly, link the circuit hot wires to a 50-amp GFCI breaker in the service panel and link the bond and grounding wires to the panel’s grounding bus. Leave the circuit’s power off till after you’ve filled the tub with water and your work has passed inspection.
In the service panel, connect the circuit with a 50-amp, 240-volt GFCI breaker. Turn off the power and avoid touching the panel.
Finishing Up
To make steps for our hot tub, we initially poured a 31-in.- large concrete pad, then built 2 30-in.- broad action boxes out of cedar. Make package frames out of 2 x 6 lumber. Size the depth of the bottom box for two 2 x 12 treads, and the depth of the top box for one 2 x 12 tread. Assemble the boxes with screws.
Develop frames from 2 x 6 cedar for the two steps. Build the bigger bottom frame initially and connect two 2 x 12s to its top.
After the bottom box is developed, secure the top box frame to it with screws owned diagonally from the within
Location the smaller sized frame on the rear edge of the lower action and secure the 2 levels with screws driven diagonally.
Include the top tread and stain the assembly to match the skirting.
Finish the action assembly by screwing a single 2 x 12 tread to the top box frame. Stain the actions to match the tub.

1. Make sure hot tub/spa is filled to proper amount. The Proper amount is whatever the spa manufacturer suggests the spa water to be for proper operation of the spa. Swim Spa Covers/ Hot Tub Covers rest right on the water surface so make sure your spa has water in it.

2. Distinguish the top from the bottom and observe the location of the valves. The top is the side of the Spacap with the Sunbrella fabric on it that shows when it is on the spa. The bottom is the side with the valves on it. When the SpaCap is on the spa, the bottom will rest on the water.

3. Place the SpaCap cover on spa, laying it on water surface. Top, Sunbrella side up. You are meant to fold the cover back to expose the valves to fill your SpaCap.
Note: Valves are meant to be on underside when your cover is on hot tub.

4. Inflation. Open the flap of the valve you intend to put air in. Prop open the inner check valve with a plastic funnel. The funnel will also divert the air into the cover. In order to put air into the SpaCap you need something that moves a volume of air. For example a shop vac that has an exhaust port you can hook the hose into or a leaf blower. An air compressor would work but it will take longer since it is designed to move air under pressure. The SpaCap is not designed to be under pressure.

Inflate the “Top” valve first until there is about eight inches of air. Inflate the bottom unmarked chamber to desired level. We recommend using a shop vac to inflate your Swim Spa Cover/ Hot Tub Cover.

5. Close valves and center the cover on the spa so that it evenly covers the entire hot tub.

6. Place fasteners as needed. The fasteners help the SpaCap keep its shape, insulate better and keep the moisture running off. The fasteners should be equally spaced and should go below the acrylic of the spa. If your spa has a wood lip that protrudes further then the acrylic the fasteners should go about three inches below the wood lip. If as you are installing the fasteners the cover becomes difficult to fasten on the last side, you have too much air in the cover. There should still be a little give in the cover when fastened and the corners should not be lifting.

If your water is not heated when you first fit the cover, do not inflate the cover all the way. When the water starts to heat up, the air in the cover will, too, possibly causing the cover to be over inflated.

Finally, set up the polyester filters in the filter housings  and fill the tub with a garden hose.
With the installation complete, it’s time to fill the tub. Before filling, however, set up the polyester filters in their housings.
Place the hose into one of the filter real estates and tape it in place. Anticipate the tub to fill out about 45 minutes.
Fill the tub through the filter real estates with a garden hose. Tape the hose in location. The tub needs to fill out about 45 minutes.

Preventing Freeze Damage to a Spa or Hot Tub

freeze damage is when water freezes and broadens inside of spa pipelines or spa devices, like your filter, pump or heating unit.
Water broadens about 10% when it freezes. For pipelines or devices that have a percentage of water within, for example a pipe that is less than half loaded with water, unused space inside the pipe enables some ice expansion.
When pipes, pumps or filters are more than half loaded with water, there is little room for expansion, and even extremely thick products can burst from the ice pressure inside.
Today’s lesson centers on ways to avoid freeze damage in a spa or hot tub, which can be a complex and pricey spa repair work, and in many cases, might ‘total’ the spa, with repair work costs of thousands of dollars.
There are 3 ways to avoid freeze damage in a spa or hot tub
1. Winterize the Spa
We do not suggest that you winterize your spa, unless you make certain that it will not be utilized for a minimum of 3 months, or it can not be maintained (at a villa, for example).
Winterizing the spa is a procedure that takes a few hours, to drain all of the water from the spa, and use air to ‘blow the lines’, to require water from the pipes, hose pipes and equipment.
We did an article on How to Winterize a Spa, if you are thinking of winterizing the spa. It’s simple, however if you want guarantees of an appropriate winterization, most spa service companies provide this service.
2. Usage Freeze Protection
Modern health spas packs will have a freeze defense mode on the spa that will switch on the flow pump when temps get near freezing. If you do not see this readily available in your control alternatives for the spa, you might not have freeze defense.
Freeze security works with an air temperature sensing unit that communicates with a controller, wired into the pump power circuit. Freeze protection is standard devices on all of our Digital, Flex-Fit and Balboa spa packs, which is the simplest way of including freeze protection for older medspas with air triggered spa packs.
For help adding freeze security to your spa, do not hesitate to call our spa techs with some details about your spa.
3. Run the Pump
As long as water is moving through the pipelines– all of the pipes, the water won’t freeze. Open up all of your jets, if your spa has the ability to separate banks of jets. Low speed can be used, as long as all pipelines are made use of.
The water need not be hot, or even heated up at all– most of the times. As long as it’s moving through all of the pipes and equipment when temperature levels are below 32 degrees. The heat from the spa pump, under a closed skirt, is likewise handy to warm up the equipment. Of course, a spa cover should be utilized during winter to prevent ice forming on the spa surface.
During winter season, it might be a good idea to operate your pump 24 hours per day in cold northern locations, or set the time clock to turn on the pump for 10 minutes every half hour.

• Adding heat to your spa, a hot spa can provide 24 hours of defense
• Keeping a tight fitting spa cover in place and protect
• Spa insulation– the more there is, the more security you have
• Hang a 100 watt store light, under the skirt, beside the spa pack

Always cover the tub when you’re not using it, and check to be sure the cover is properly secured on the hot tub, because in this way you can avoid wasting energy which is good for you as well as for your pocket. If you are using a traditional rigid foam cover to do this the dealer you bought it from may have recommended to clean and condition it once a month with vinyl protector, because in this way you will avoid to let UV rays to damage it. What they don’t tell you is that the vinyl on the outside of your cover is rated by HOURS outdoors. 1500hrs to be precise. Cleaning it and rubbing it with vinyl treatment is just wasting your time and money while prolonging the inevitable. Which is why Hot Tub Covers employ Sunbrella outdoor fabric which is rated by (wait for it) YEARS outdoors. In fact we have seen Sunbrella fabric still looking brand new after ten years outdoors. Nothing else comes close.  That said, if you do need to clean your cover for some reason, use the solution just on the top of the cover and pay attention to not let the solution to pour into the water of the spa. It is better to take it off and clean also the underside of it with a mild cleaning solution. Rinse well and air dry.

If you find a spa or hot tub that is solid frozen, and possibly you find some freeze damage already, the equipment requires to be defrosted out. If there are broken pipes, using electrical area heaters might be hazardous, under the skirt.
If you have a camping tent large enough to place over the spa, you can thaw out a spa in a couple of hours. When I was servicing spas in Colorado, we had a tent we used whenever we ‘d get a ‘frozen spa’ call. We used a little kerosene heater once the camping tent was established over the spa, and monitored it closely. If there was freeze damage, (and there usually was), we would drain it completely, make the repair work and fill it back up.
Adding warm water to the spa is another old trick. With a little adapter, a garden hose pipe can be attached to most sink faucets, to bring hot water to the spa, to raise the water temperature level for a quicker thaw. In some cases, you can carefully damp frozen pipelines with warm water– just don’t spray any motors, electronics or controls.


If your power fails throughout winter, remember that a heated spa with a good fitting spa cover has enough heat to prevent freeze damage for 24 hours or so, longer if it’s extremely well insulated.
To keep some heat under the spa skirt throughout a power failure, you could hang a 100 watt shop light in an area near the spa pack. In some scenarios, a small space heater may be safe to utilize also, inside the spa cabinet, in a dry area, up until power is restored.

Should I Buy a Used Hot Tub or a New Hot Tub?

Are you considering purchasing a used hot tub? Prior to you start searching websites like Craigslist and eBay, you ought to learn why purchasing an utilized hot tub isn’t really the very best way to conserve loan. In reality, purchasing an utilized hot tub will likely cost you more money, time and tension in the long run.
Let’s have a look at 5 factors why purchasing a brand-new hot tub is a much better decision than buying one utilized.
• You Know the Quality of Your Hot Tub Parts
When you purchase a used hot tub, you might be buying one with extremely poor quality parts. You do not always understand precisely where your hot tub came from, who constructed it or how old it is. Even if you understand the maker, older models might not be equipped with the same parts as the newer ones. Poor quality parts suggest that your hot tub will utilize more energy, have to be replaced more frequently and won’t keep your water as clean.
When you purchase your hot tub new, you ought to understand exactly what parts are utilized and how well they carry out. You can either discover by talking with a sales representative or looking up the info online.
ThermoSpas ® makers jacuzzis using just leading quality parts. From heating systems with titanium components to our trademarked Throttle Control Valves, we use the most difficult quality requirements on each of our parts. Every spa we make should score 100 percent on a strenuous checklist before passing evaluation.
This means you’re ensured to get a spa that will last.
• You Don’t Have to Worry About How Well-Maintained Your hot tub Was
No matter exactly what the previous owner states, you don’t understand how well they took care of their hot tub. If the spa has been empty in storage or has not been run for a long period of time, its parts might be weakening.
When you purchase brand-new, you don’t need to fret about any of those things. All you have to do is look after your spa. Take a look at our simple hot tub maintenance guide to discover out how to keep your spa in good shape with our premium products.
• You Can Customize Your Hot Tub to Make it Perfect for Your Needs and Budget
By settling for a used hot tub, you’re sacrificing the chance to discover the perfect spa for you and your household. When you acquire a hot tub new, there are a number of choices offered, so that you’re ensured to obtain the most from your spa by finding the finest one for you.
ThermoSpas ® Hot Tubs can be customized to match your choices and your budget. You can choose the size, number of jets, colors, functions and devices to match your taste. We provide this customization due to the fact that want everybody to be able to delight in a hot tub that suites their requirements.
• You Get Personalized Customer Service
After purchasing a used hot tub, you’re pretty much on your own to transfer it, set it up, determine how it works and maintain it. If it’s your very first hot tub purchase, this can be a stressful and complicated procedure.
When you purchase a Hot Tub, our specialist representatives assist you every step of the method. A factory-trained professional will visit your house to assist you discover the finest place for your new spa and the most safe, least pricey method of setup.
If an utilized hot tub is looking a little less attractive to you than previously, consider purchasing a new Hot Tub. Since many offer straight to the customer, you can personalize a hot tub that is developed to fit your needs and budget plan.

Okay, now that we have given you all the advice we can so you can rush out and buy a hot tub, we have one more thing to help you get the most benefit from it. Imagine getting all relaxed in your hot tub and then straining yourself trying to get a heavy awkward cover back onto your spa.

Washing your cares away in the warm embrace of pulsating water jets followed up with getting your blood pressure up because you get angry while putting the heavy cover back on the hot tub.

At, they have just what you need to keep those good vibrations. They have been building Custom Hot Tub Covers for thirty years. Imagine a hot tub cover as easy to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation required. hot tub covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.

Don’t let all the good your hot tub can do for you be wasted on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover just because that’s all your local dealer has to offer.

Spa Covers and Snow Loads

Changing your hot tub cover since the snow crushed it?
Exactly what if there was a cover that could handle that much snow? Yes, even as much as you had.
Good news there is.
Lets take a minute and go over why the one you require to change didn’t make it.
The foam in the cover broke under the weight of the snow.
Was it due to the fact that the metal channel that goes through the center of the cover on both sides wasn’t sufficient reinforcement?
It was since the weight of the snow would have broken a 2×4 if it were attempting to bridge an eight-foot gap like that.
What caused the cover to collapse was that it was trying to make a bridge over the spa, from one side to the other. Usually not a problem up until the cover itself gets saturated, but in this case it was the included weight of snow that just was too much to manage.
So, if you get a cover that does not attempt to bridge the space however supports itself by resting on the water, that would be a huge improvement.
Still, you did get a lots of snow. Would it be able to handle that much?
Brief response, yes.
It seems that every couple of years, someplace in the country is getting snow that will be explained by their regional news as “biblical proportions” which overwhelms the location, shuts down schools, roadways, airports and life in general up until the storm passes and individuals can dig out.
During those winter season storm events, when the daily regimen of the general public ends up being focused on enduring, how the hot tub is doing just isn’t that crucial. Naturally so.
As soon as the storm passes and individuals begin to evaluate the damages, it is not unusual for the majority of or all of the outside hot tub covers to be part of the tally.
A couple of years back, I was doing home shows in Colorado. We had a show in Colorado Springs and after that another in Denver with about 10 days between.
During the break, I flew out of Denver to be home with the family for a couple of days.
As I was leaving Denver a snowstorm was coming in and it ended up the airplane I was on would be the last one allowed to remove for days.
When it was time to return to Denver for the up coming reveal the return flight I was on took off uncertain that Denver would be all set yet by the time we arrived.
It was, and we were the very first plane allowed or out given that I had left. The people that had actually been in the airport in Denver when I left were still there when I returned tens days later on.
All Denver had actually been closed down for those 10s days. Denver is utilized to snow.
This was one of those Epic storm events.
Outdoor patio roofings had collapsed. Business buildings had roofings collapse. Needless to say, practically every outside hot tub cover needed to be replaced.
With one exception. As insurance coverage representatives hurried around to assist their consumers determine exactly what had to be replaced, they found that every hot tub that did NOT have to have a brand-new cover had the same brand name of cover. Those covers were fine. Not only did those covers not have to be replaced however also every hot tub that was covered by one was fine to. The hot tub was till running; the water was still warm even when the house owners might not get outside to shovel snow off of them. Even on the hot tubs owned by individuals that ran out town during the storm.
The insurance coverage representatives started advising that their clients change their hot tub covers with that brand name. All those covers that were able to hold up against that epic snow load were hot tub covers. No other cover was advised.
That says something.
The spa cover was able to manage the storm.
When the wind blew in ahead of the storm, the SpaCap covers remained in place. Even covers that were too heavy for one person to raise.
The hail will not damage a SpaCap since it isn’t really stiff. The air inside the cover allows it to provide. No matter how huge the hail gets, it will not harm a SpaCap.
And the snow, numerous feet deep, didn’t damage a single one.
Prior to you simply purchase another traditional hot tub cover, we recommend you go to and get the only kind of cover that truly can deal with the snow.

Exists a hot tub cover that can manage a severe snow load?
Did Mother-nature dump on your hot tub cover?
Snow Crush your hot tub cover?
Looking for a hot tub cover that can handle a lots of snow?

Neck and back pain Relief with a Swim Spa

Back Pain Relief at Home

For a large number of years, in societies as different as the old Greeks hot showers have actually been used to decrease pain, empower blood flow, and advance unwinding. For back pain victims, a Swim Spa can be one of the couple of wellsprings of relief from disabling trouble, pain and solidness.

Americans spend more than $50 billion every year battling back misery, as per the National Institutes of Health reality sheet on back torture. Back Pain is additionally the most extensively acknowledged reason for missed work days and inability claims. A protruding circle, sciatica, an extreme damage or osteoporosis can be factors for torment in the spine area.

Professionals will recommend workout based recovery, drugs, ultrasound and various medications when back pain strikes. At the same time two of the most key medications are ice and high temperature. Ice, according to the NIH, ought to be used for 48 to 72 hours, then patients can relocate to using heat.

A Swim Spa is a feasible approach to use warm soothing temperature level to a huge zone of the body. High temperature level lives up to expectations by relaxing incorporating muscles, which can reduce muscle fits; it furthermore expands the veins, broadening blood stream and advancing fixing in the damaged tissue. As the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases states, warm additionally “modifications the impression of agony”– as such, it feels excellent and provides generously required alleviation for limitless or intense neck and back pain.

Okay, now that we have given you all the reasons you have to rush out and purchase a swim spa, we have one more thing to help you get the most gain from it. Imagine getting all unwinded in your hot tub then straining your back attempting to get a heavy awkward cover back onto your swim spa. Kinda defeats the treatment.

Washing your pain away in the warm embrace of pulsating water jets subsequented with getting your back all tensed up once again putting the heavy cover back on the swim spa is meaningless.

Picture a swim spa cover as simple to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. A swim spa cover utilizes air to insulate rather than foam so there is absolutely nothing to soak up moisture which is exactly what makes all other covers heavy.

Don’t let all the good your swim spa can do for you be squandered on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover even if that’s all your regional dealer has to provide.

Decrease Stress With a Swim Spa

It’s nearly impossible to get away from stress due to the fact that of the hustle and fast rate movement in todays societies. How numerous times have you thought that things just don’t go as planned, mishaps happen, and after that you get worked up in a tizzy. Its been know that tension can trigger hypertension, heart concerns and even mental problems.

Swim Spas are the answer since of their hydrotherapy with warm water, that enables us to have a great work out from swimming, jogging, running, and even weight lifting in them. Think of getting into your Swim Spa after a difficult day of work and working out in warm unstable water while at the end you simply relax those tension items away.

It has actually been stated that if a person utilizes there Swim Spa for only 30 minutes a day, your psychological and physical body receives excellent benefits. You feel mentally pleased. So all those stress associated conditions– which there are hundreds– are a lot more likely to vanish.

Keep Those Benefits Going

The thing that causes most swim spa owners to eventually stop utilizing their spa is the cover.

The foam starts to fill with wetness from the steam rising off the spa water. It doesn’t occur quick, in fact it takes place slowly gradually so that many people don’t even see it. After a couple of months, the swim spa cover is heavier however because they have actually been using the spa daily the owners do not see the progressive change.

Before they know it, getting the cover off and on takes a lot more effort. They may not even knowingly discover it however one day simply thinking of getting into the spa is less inviting and they choose to skip it. They’re just not up to it tonight.

Why would you “skip” the thing that makes you sleep much better and live much healthier? Since it requires excessive effort. That basic foam filled cover ends up being a barrier in between you and the hot tub you invested all that cash on. The same hot tub you could not wait to get into, is just too much work now due to the fact that of a heavy spa cover.

Eventually, you can’t remember the last time you used it.

Then owners are confronted with an option. Do we get a new cover and get back to using it or do we eliminate it and reclaim that part of our back yard.

I hope you choose to get a new cover. That swim spa is like a day-to-day vacation that your body and mind require to “re-boot” and stay healthy. However before going out and purchasing another cover simply like the one you’re changing, consider something better.

At, they have actually been constructing Swim Spa Covers, that are lightweight, easy to utilize and constructed to remain that way. There are no stiff foam panels in the SpaCap so there’s absolutely nothing to absorb that steam and get heavy.

Using Your Swim Spa for Weight Loss

Exactly what’s good is getting in your Swim Spa and putting yourself through a fantastic workout that in turn, helps you loose the weight while reinforcing your muscles. Looking your finest is one of the benefits you can get from swimming several times a week with your swim spa.

Think about how nice it would be to get in the warm relaxing water in the early morning, going to work, and after that once again during the night, working off the pounds and alleviating those everyday stress … Ah. that warm pulsating water works wonders. And not to mention how it might help you sleep like a baby!

There are so lots of good workouts that you can doing it your swim spa. Swim Spas are just Awesome for assisting you remain fit.

Certainly the swim spa shows that the hot tub isn’t really just for unwinding anymore. It’s no trick that physical activity burns calories so the trick is to be active even in the spa.

Extending and rotating your legs and arms is simpler to do in the swim spa due to the fact that the water helps support you and warms your muscles while you work them. Start slowly with some stretches and arm movements with your arms and shoulders under the water to get limbered up.

Usage Yoga

When performed safely, yoga is one of the most convenient exercises for those who love jacuzzis. With assistance from a yoga teacher or spotter, attempt postures such as the “wall canine”, “up pet,” or “lunge twist.” These poses stretch a number of muscle groups at when, including the arms, legs, torso, and back.

The breathing that hot tub yoga requires also helps the body unwind and aids food digestion. If you engage in hot tub yoga after eating, the deep breaths will help move the food through the digestive system more effectively than it would if you were just sitting on the couch. Deep breathing also increases metabolism so it not just burns calories it likewise helps your body recuperate quicker from illness and or injury.

With that in mind, as you practice your hot tub yoga, attempt to understand deep regulated breathing. Get that oxygen into your blood and moving through your body.

Play Games

As I stated above, hot tubs are not just for relaxing. They’re likewise fun places to play active games with your household and pals. Try Hot Tub Hockey, where teams earn points by moving an object like a rubber duck or Ping-Pong ball to each other’s sides of the tub without utilizing their hands. You can likewise try Pass the Bottle, needing everyone to pass a firmly topped bottle of water around the hot tub utilizing every body part other than their hands. Players might not utilize the exact same body parts two times in a row (i.e., passing from knee to knee or shoulder to shoulder). If the bottle drops, the dropper needs to perform a charge task and the video game begins once again.

Okay, as you would anticipate, we have to point out that if you plan to obtain the healthy take advantage of utilizing your Swim Spa, you have to have the ability to utilize it quickly daily. That requires that it be easy, or we will begin to find factors not to. After remaining in the Spa Cover business for thirty plus years, individuals at have discovered a couple of aspects of humanity when it comes to utilizing a hot tub.

When we first get our swim spas, we are thrilled and it is easy to discover the time to use it everyday. Like a kid with a brand-new toy. However eventually, that “newness” wears away. Then you have to decide that the benefits you receive from using the hot tub deserve the time it gets of your schedule.

It assists me sleep better and wake up refreshed. Some individuals like to begin their day with a dip in the spa prior to the day gets stressful. They discover it helps them keep a positive outlook throughout the day.

It does not matter when you decide it works for you, you just make it part of your routine and go from there.

The standard foam filled swim spa cover offered at every spa dealer throughout the nation. The cover that gets tossed in as an after believed when you purchase the spa.

Here’s how it happens. The foam starts to fill with wetness from the steam increasing off the spa water. It doesn’t take place quickly, in fact it occurs slowly in time so that you don’t even discover it. After a few months, the spa cover is heavier however since you have been using the spa everyday you didn’t observe the steady modification.

Before you understand it, getting the cover off and on takes a lot more effort. You may not even consciously observe it however one day you consider getting into the tub and you choose to avoid it. You’re simply not up to it tonight.

That basic foam filled cover ends up being a barrier between you and the hot tub you invested all that cash on. The very same hot tub you could not wait to get into, is simply too much work now because of a heavy spa cover.

Ultimately, you cannot remember the last time you utilized it.

You then need to choose. Do you get a brand-new cover and get back to using it or do you (and this is the one that just makes no sense to me) get rid of it and recover that part of your back backyard.

I hope you choose to get a new cover. That hot tub resembles an everyday vacation that your mind and body require to “re-boot” and stay healthy. But before going out and purchasing another cover simply like the one you’re replacing, consider something better.

At, they have been constructing Spa Covers, that are light weight, easy to utilize and constructed to remain that way. There are no rigid foam panels in the SpaCap so there’s nothing to take in that steam and get heavy.

Treating Arthritis With a Swim Spa

Assist for Rheumatoid joint inflammation Sufferers in Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.

On the off opportunity that you’ve ever encountered the torment of osteoarthritis or require to enjoy someone you comprehend and enjoy withstand with it, you will be pleased to know the Osteoarthritis Foundation to a great degree recommends the recuperating homes of hot tubs or perhaps the hot tub in your Swim Spa People with osteo-joint inflammation have an extremely bothersome time moving and by getting submerged in warm water, they’re mitigated of a portion of the pain and are even in a position to get the some possible relief.

As dependably, with any brand-new action, on the off possibility that you are an osteo-joint swelling victim and would wish to start valuing the Swim Spa, please first examine having a physician before you start, but tell him that you can set the spa temperature in between 80 degrees all the way approximately 104 degrees … so f need be, put it at a temperature of below body temperature, state 90 degrees.

At the point when you decide to begin any movement in your Swim Spa, its a great idea to loosen up first … do interior water stretches. Begin by permitting your body to end up being reasonable with the warmth for a few minutes before beginning any workouts. Due to the fact that of the smooth warm currents that there can be relief from arthritis pain, its been stated that.

It’s amazingly vital to consider focuses gradually when practicing in a warm tub for a couple of factors; one is just due to the reality that you can strain muscle bunches on the off chance that you aren’t effectively heated up before beginning, 2 is the way that it is possible to more than aim in the Swim Spa by performing a lot of or doing it for exceedingly lengthy to wherever you get to be woozy and unsteady. Getting to that point will not assist any doing activities, and it can be negative to your general well being. The 3rd cause to think about takes place after you’ve exercised, maintain as a primary priority that now that the muscle gatherings are currently extended and met expectations, it is vital to keep them warm for a long time before getting away from the Swim Spa to permit your muscles to loosen up before striking the cooler air.

For that individual who sustains with osteo-joint inflammation, the important fact that they’re ready to move with less anguish in a warm tub or perhaps a swimming pool is absolutely nothing except fantastic. Those with joint inflammation are in steady pain and a critical of it has to made with the simple fact that there is a gravitational draw towards the earth we survive on and that is incredibly decreased on the occasion that they are immersed in water. Open to warm water is an additional benefit on the grounds that it will also activate the veins to increase the size of, that will think about a terrific offer more blood and oxygen to stream to muscles and skin to not state the heart.

At, they have simply exactly what you have to maintain those benefits going. They have been developing Custom Swim Spa Covers for as long as there have actually been Swim Spas. Think of a Swim Spa Cover as simple to utilize as moving a cosy comforter off your bed. No exasperation called for. SpaCap Swim Spa Covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is absolutely nothing to soak up moisture which is just what makes all other covers heavy.

Do not allow all the good your Swim Spa can do for you be squandered on a heavy, out-of-date cover simply since that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Order your own customized Swim Spa Cover from, and get the most from your spa.

Awesome Swim Spa Benefits

Here are just a Few of the Awesome Benefits You Can receive from Your Personal Swim Spa! We are here to assist assist you and Explain to you about all the optional functions you may desire in your very own Swim Spa. There are different jet packages, different jet heads, various control systems, various styles, various pump controls, different present flow, various adjustability controls for present shifts, low cost operations insulation bundles, various state of mind lighting bundles, different stereo sound plans, and a number of more choices.|We are here to assist direct you and Explain to you about all the optional features you may desire in your Own Swim Spa. There are various jet bundles, different jet heads, different control systems, various designs, various pump controls, different current flow, different adjustability controls for current shifts, low expense operations insulation bundles, various mood lighting bundles, different stereo noise packages, and a number of more options.

Please review the Health Benefits and put some smiles on your face. PLEASE … call us … we are easy to talk to … we enjoy to assist you make your Swim Spa … AWESOME!

Increased Circulation

It is said … that Swim Spas are an exceptional device to assist promoting physical healing in individuals from working out in sports.

A few of the factors Swim Spas are terrific, is that by swimming with your body in warm water, it could assist you with relief in your discomfort management from minor sprains, pulled muscles, and even possible assisting in more significant type injuries.

Using the controlled heat of the water, the heat and the massaging effects of the effective jets, helps release endorphins, which naturally can help in reducing the pain and inflammation.

Swim Spas are fantastic due to the fact that of swimming, working out, and relaxing in the warm heated water.

Research study shows that after a great long soak in your Swim Spa after physical activity, that it assists in relieving muscle stress. It also can improve blood circulation which moves more oxygen around in your circulatory system which helps replenish tired muscles. And with your very own Swim Spa, you can attain these advantages daily!

Minimize Pain and Get Relief

Swim Spas are the most perfect approach to offer the complete advantages of hydrotherapy in the house environment. Hydrotherapy is gainful for joint inflammation paying little respect to what number of your joints are influenced.

Furthermore there is a calming and stimulating influence on exhausted muscles from the jets circulating the warm water against your body.
That’s where Swim Spa hydrotherapy can truly contribute more than its fair share. Above all else you’ve got the loosening up effect of the heat of the water, that you have total control over. This soothes your body by and big and improves blood circulation with good relaxation.

When you consider it you conserve excellent money from having to go to massage therapist, given that Your Swim Spa does the massaging for you.

You’ve got the buoyancy effect from the water. Imaging taking a big portion of your body weight off you, which in turn helps your joints feel less pressure.
Think of how great it would feel empowering you to move your total body, including your feet, arms, and legs, versus the safety of the unstable water.

The very best thing of all, nevertheless is, you can utilize your Swim Spa regularly at whatever point through out your day, for any relief of joint swelling. Think about how this will improve your pleasure of life, and your member of the family.

A better idea as far as hot tub covers go would be one that eliminates the foam, still insulates but stays light weight and easy to use.

Thirty years ago, (yes really, thirty years ago) that is how the SpaCap was developed. A single woman with back trouble, needed to be able to use her hot tub every day for therapy. She had to be able to get her cover off and on by herself without further injuring her back.

The cover she eventually came up with was light weight, easy to use and insulated as well as a foam filled hot tub cover. Although it has gone through many improvements over the years, the concept and principle is still the same. builds custom hot tub covers for all kinds of spas including swim spas.

Don’t go out and purchase another foam filled hot tub cover just because that’s what the neighbors do. Visit and get a cover that won’t get heavy or break and will make it easy for you to use your spa for years to come!